Two Girls, Sharing a Pair of Binoculars

This I Believe In Stories

This I Believe In Stories

This I Believe in Stories is a statement explicitly about life, truth, and love, and, as follows, the story thereof. Implicitly, however, it is a statement threaded by interconnectedness. This theme runs throughout the poem under the guise of relationships and communication. As the first-person “I” encounters the world, she (me) finds her identity through […]

Parts of a (W)hole


Everyone likes to think of themselves as different; feeling as if they were put on this earth to do something that  no one else but themselves could accomplish.  Naturally, it gives people a sense of meaning. It makes one feel special, desired, original.. right? Or not. I’m not saying we aren’t meant to accomplish great […]

“Cheers…to the Events Tha...


There’s a lot of moments in a day. Happy moments, sad moments, scary moments, exciting moments, moments of pure joy, moments of pure enlightenment, moments that make you wet your pants… (on special occasion). There’s a lot of moments in a day, but there are even more moments in a year. At the end of […]

Silent Noise

Silent Noise

Crossing campus is a daily adventure. Being the person who is either speed walking because I’m late for a presentation (Not running. I wouldn’t want people to know I’m a freshman), or just meandering along, avoiding life’s responsibilities at the present moment, I can’t help but utilize one of my God-given talents: People-watching. I have this […]

Don’t Blink-


“Scientists have shown that the average person blinks 15-20 times per minute. That’s up to 1,200 times per hour and a whopping 28,800 times in a day.” (Huffington Post) I did the math, that’s over 200,000 times in one week, and about 10.5 MILLION times in a year!!! (Check out the highlighted link! It’s super interesting!) This thoughtless task […]

The Gift of the Moment: Presence


I heard once that 90% of life is showing up. Cool. I do that. (…Five years later) “But wait?…” “EUREKA I GET IT NOW!” The relationship isn’t just physical. It’s spiritual and it’s mental. It’s about being present at every moment. It’s about seeing the whole picture versus the objects of interest. It’s driving down […]

My Little Wings

mylildove (2)

[[Finding my wings didn’t happen in a typical passage to adulthood ceremony. I didn’t embrace my freedom from adolescence by paying for my own gas or going through my first heartbreak. I didn’t even get them from starting a blog. Instead, this may sound odd, but I literally just ‘found’ them. I’m not kidding. They were in a drawer. Buried under so many layers of dust […]

Introductory Flight-


Hello, good folks of the “Back to Blogging” reading community! I am Vince*, the binoc-gals’ flying cohort, and it is with much pleasure that I address you as the first “Two Girls Sharing a Pair of Binoculars” guest writer! *(-not actually “Vince.” It was a suggestion as a pseudonym; Jacey took the pen-name and made […]

How It Really Feels to Be High


I’ve heard people say how exhilarating, how euphoric it feels to get high. Some people believe you have to be out of your mind to try it. I’ll be your witness: people don’t lie. Let me start by telling you about my friend. He’s a plane guy. He flies planes. He talks about planes. He […]

The Problem With Metamorphosis

static character

“I am a static character, a caterpillar that never metamorphosed, a middle-aged man who wears his letter jacket regularly… Did everybody else truly grow up?… Or is their youthfulness only concealed under a façade of feigned boredom and a lack of interest?…Or, as the case may be, am I just worse at acting?” –Anonymous Facebook. […]